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Our dear business partner,

I take this opportunity of thanking you for the successful business co-operation in 2011. and let me draw your kind attention to the menu card and quotation of the NATIONAL WINE-MUSEUM and PÁLINKA-STOREHAUSE LABIRINTUS RESTAURANT regarding 2016.

I am glad to inform you that we opened a new Pálinka Store in 2008. October to extend our services. It is an old tradition to drink this fine distillate and it always played an important role in the Hungarian folk custom. The several pálinka spirits are made from excellent quality, particular flavorous fruits thus these are real Hungarica (special Hungarian products) and they became the essential part of the Hungarian gastronomy.

The newly furnished showroom in our cellarage serves as a magnificent venue for pálinka-tasting and getting to know the new generations of Hungarian pálinka. Well-learned pálinka-butlers offer the gems of our spirits collection in English, German or Russan languages.

I am full of hope that with widening our services we can please your customers thus our cooperation will be profitable and turn to all of our satisfaction in the future.

Yours truly Zoltán Szatmári managing director

Menu Offer and Price List

By clicking on the link to view and download our menu in PDF format. Menu Pdf link

Menu offer up to 5400 HUF/person

Menü 1

Bouillon with chive grist noodles
Breaded pork chops with casserole potato
Jelly roll with wine cream
Mineral water

Menü 2

Calf soup liver dumpling
Grill sausages with cabbage and noodles
Kaiserschmaren with strawberry sauce
Mineral water

Menü 3

Cattle ragout soup with sour cream and potatoes dumpling
Roast pullet breast filet from a farm with woodland mushroom
Somló sponge cake with rum-flavoured chocolate sauce
Mineral water

Menü 4

French onion soup with backed crouton
Chicken breast with almond and fresh green salad with yoghurt dressing
Poppy seed pancakes with plumsauce
Mineral water

Menü 5

Porcini cream soup with bacon chips
Beef stew in game sauce with dumplings
Mixed salad
Chestnut with woodland fruits
Mineral water

Menü 6

Cold Tokaj wine-cream soup with grapes
Grilled pork cutlet with fresh green vegetables
Almond Brownie with vanilla ice-cream
Mineral water

Menü 7

Goulash soup in cup
Roast goose leg on bed of red cabbage with prunes
Apple pie with caramel
Mineral water

Menü 8

Rich, hand - made broth soup with pasta
Filleted paprika chicken with butter noodles
Pancake stuffed with sour cherry, soaked in pálinka
Mineral water

Menü 9

Bavarian liver dumpling soup
Fillet of pork, aged in Dijon mustard with steak potatoes and onion rose
Floating with light mousse
Mineral water

Menü 10

Game ragout soup with tarragon
Stuffed chicken breast with desiccated tomato and mozzarella and creamed spinach gnocchi
Apple strudels
Mineral water

Menü 11

Soft goat cheese with basil olive
Roast sucking knuckle of pig with purple cabbage and potatoes
Cottage cheese dumplings with chocolate sauce
Mineral water

Menü 12

Smoked cheese served balm vinegar dressing salad
Roast veal with asparagus in saffron sauce and stewed vegetables
Cottage cheese dumplings filled with peach
Mineral water

Menü 13

Veal and vegetable ragout soup with cream and tarragon
Fillet mignon of pork with mushroom, bacon steak potatoes
Chocolate Apple cake with amoretto
Mineral water

Menü 14

Cream of asparagus soup with toasted almond
Duck breast with caramelized fruits and croquette potatoes
Pancake stuffed with cottage-cheese and peach with vanilla sauce
Mineral water

Menü 15

Crisp goat cheese with iceberg and dries tomato
Grilled trout fillet with barrel potatoes and onion sauce
Pancakes Gundel style
Mineral water

Menü 16

Sirloin gulash soup with homemade nodules
Rolled turkey breast with home made ham and fresh tomatoes, served in bacon with Roquefort sauce
Sour cherry strudel, with vanilla ice-cream
Mineral water

Menü 17

Crisp Salad with dried tomatoes and vinegrette sauce
Grilled medallions of fillet mignon of pork, potato with fresh letcho topping
Somló sponge cake with rum-flavoured chocolate sauce
Mineral water

Menü 18

Palóc style soup (meat soup)
Winegrower’s plate (grilled tournedos, pickled Escalope of pork with grilled vegetables)
Apple grilled in rum with cinnamon sauce
Mineral water

Menü 19

Salmon rose with caviar
European catfish in tarragon Orly pasta with potatoes salad
Ice cream with fruits
Mineral water

Menü 20

Goose pâté Strassburg Style
Pheasant consommé
Saddle of vension with Goose-liver and cransberry served Cruqette potatoes
Chocolate pancakes with chestnut
Mineral water

Menü 21

Hungarian mixed taster
Goulash soup in cup
Veal steak medaillons, „Kedvessy” style
Gundel pancakes
Mineral water

Menü 22

Cold goose –liver with fresh vegetables
Chicken soup a la „Újházy”
Wellington tournedos
Baked apple rings in cinnamon sauce
Mineral water